Boltless Rack Shelving 100kg/Shelf UDL 5 Shelves 1830mmH x 1220mm W x 400mm D

SGD 165.68
(Inclusive of GST)
Product Description

Boltless Racking or Shelving System are the best option for durable, practical, low cost storage of light weight items which are generally loaded and unloaded manually. 

Boltless Racking system comprises of basic components which can be used to offer storage solutions from simple single bay to complex Multi-Tier installations.

Each Rack comprises of 5 adjustable shelves including top and bottom.

All 5 Shelves can be adjusted to the desired position by key hole lock/unlock system.

There are NO Nuts & Bolts and hence does not require any tools

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This product will be available from

1st Nov 2020

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Simple and economic solution for a large range of applications.
  • Adaptable to all storage requirements.
  • Excellent versatility.
  • Easy to assemble and modify.
  • Heavy duty shelves come with centre stiffener(applicable to Some sizes Only)
  • Overall Size: 1830mmH x 1220mm W x 400mm D
  • Material used - CRCA (SPCC SD)
  • Each unit with 4 shelves (Includes top)
  • UDL tested for 100 Kg Per level
  • Epoxy Powder coated.
  • Comes with plastic non-marking shoe caps