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Tambour Door Cabinets

  • Our Tambour Door Cabinets come with Good Quality Plastic Slat doors which easily slide to open into the cabinet itself
  • Double walled sides conveniently accomodate the slats in-between.
  • Unlike Swing Door cabinets, tambour Door cabinets/ cupboards save Aisle space as the Plastic slats slide to open into the cabinet itself.
  • The Entire width of the cabinet can be used when doors are opened unlike other sliding door cabinets where only half the width of the cabinet is accessible.
  • The cabinet is manufactured with 0.6mm thick sheet steel Doors are fitted with heavy-duty plastic Slats and guides for smooth movement.
  • Positive cam lock with 3 keys for locking the doors. 
  • Each shelf can carry load of 35 Kgs uniformly distributed load.
  • Suitable for commercial & Home Offices