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Home Office/ Work From Home

Home Based Learning (HBL)

Productivity from Home – furniture for study and home office

With the currently changing scenario of Work from home popularly known as WFH  or whether  you love to read or write, your study and home office should be a place that makes you want to work all day, inspires creativity, and boosts productivity. Unfortunately, in most households; the study and home office are most often  neglected with one using only their dining table and chair  or bed to do their work! To inspire creativity and make it your own personal work space, it is imperative that you purchase the right home and study room furniture whether it is study chairs, computer tables, study tables, and even office chairs.

Godrej Work From Home and Home Based Learnings (HBL) products are specifically selected from our wide range of products keeping in mind space constraints in current homes but at the same time giving attention to ergonomics.

Our Foldable Tables are designed such that they can be easily folded and stowed away. Our Ergonomic chairs come with lumber support and height adjustable features which can cater to all members of the family.

Sitting in the right posture on the right chair is extremely important for people who work with computers for long hours.

Buying a good ergonomic chair is always a good investment. 

DISCLAIMER : Use of Home Office furniture such as cabinets with doors/drawers, product with castors to facilitate movement, keys left in locks, movable product components such as folding mechanisms etc may cause harm to adults and especially to young children entering the home office area unsupervised. Godrej (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. can not be held liable for any such accidents/harm caused by furniture or parts falling, toppling or protruding keys causing injury.